Hi, nice to meet you!

I’m from a small city in the Netherlands called Veenendaal and moved to the city of Rotterdam to pursue my love of animation in 2017. This city is where I got my first job as animator. I spent 4 years at an animation company making explainers and made the big jump of going freelance. Making things move is magical to me. By animating I get to breathe life into characters that start as still illustrations. 

When I’m not animating, I spend most of my time reading and being creative by spending time in my sketchbook or doing creative courses. I organise a weekly sketching meetup in my city (now online) where I get to meet other creatives like me. Meeting new people in the creative field gives me so much energy! It brings me motivation to keep pushing my work to new levels.


Education & courses:
2012 – 2016: Communication & Multimedia Design – Hogeschool Arnhem en Nijmegen
2019: Advanced Motion Methods – School of Motion

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