Activities facilitation

My friends over at Hyperfocus Motion contacted me about a project they were doing about mental disabilities. They needed illustration work done for 3 animations, fast.

When I came onto the project, Courtney Haberl had already done some illustration work for part of the first animation, which helped speed up the process. Drysen Carsten also provided a rough storyboard for me to work from.

Some scene visuals weren’t decided yet, so I helped out with a bit of concepting as well. In the end I made illustrations for a lot of scenes in a short time. It was hard work, but I’m happy with the end result!

Ilse Meijer
Art direction:

Courtney Haberl and Drysen Carsten


Hyperfocus Motion


After speaking with Drysen about what needed to be done for this project, I went straight into illustration with Adobe Illustrator. Most of the rough storyboards were ready for me to translate into illustrations. Since Courtney had already made some style frames, the style was already decided. I built on that with the illustrations for the animation.

Since we had a short deadline, the characters in the animations were made from simple shapes. This helped bring down production time for both illustration and animation, while still showing what we needed the animations to convey.

There were a lot of elements to be re-used, which was also very helpful with the short turnaround time.


Final result

Client feedback

What Drysen said about working with me after the project:

I hired Ilse for illustration support on a large project and I’m extremely impressed! Her design skills are top notch and she’s incredibly fast. I provided (very) rough storyboards and a loose mood board. She ran with it and nailed the project, creating everything from scratch. She even offered visual ideas for certain scenes I was stuck on. She’s on my very short list of recommended illustrators and I cannot wait to utilize her abilities again.


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