The first assignment for Ben Marriott’s course was to make an animation of an astronaut who goes into warp speed. Since I’ve been wanting to do more illustration in my work I decided that it was time to take it to the next level and make this my own.

During this process I also took Sarah Beth Morgan’s colour palette class, which helped me make my own colour palette for this.

In addition I learned new things about how to use certain effects and the graph editor to make the movements more smooth and natural in animating this scene.

Animator & Illustrator:

Ilse Meijer


Master Motion Design by Ben Marriott




Sketch of a black character with short hair and bright pink earrings in an astronaut suit.

Character sketch

Final illustration

Animation of an astronaut going into warp speed, where you see all the layers used in it.

Here you can see all the layers that were used in the animation and
how they move together to make the final result.

Final result

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