Change of stock

When a producer popped up in my mailbox asking me to do some illustration work for an animation, I had to say yes. It’s the kind of project I really like doing! This project was a short one, but very fun to work on. When I joined the team, they’d already made a short storyboard and did brainstorming for the illustrations. They needed someone to make them reality.

This project was brought into existence because the way stock was shown on the end client’s website was changing. We had to show their clients that they could now order their products from warehouses all over the Netherlands and in Belgium, in stead of just the warehouse closest to them.

Ilse Meijer

Ruben Nijsen

End client:

Beko Groothandel


After our initial video call I made a mood board to send to the end client. This way they could let us know what elements they liked and which they didn’t. After a bit of feedback I went onto the sketching phase.

Since the idea was already fleshed out, I immediately made sketches that were close to the end result. This way the client could already see what the animation would look like, but in lines in stead of colored in illustrations.


Final result

After the storyboard sketches got approved, I pushed them into illustrator and started making the final illustrations. The color palette for these was based on the brand colors of the end client. I made a new palette with different hues of the brand colors, so we could add some depth to the environments.

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