Grandma's Kitchen

During the course Illustration for Motion, one of the assignments was to illustrate three frames for a brand called “Grandma’s Kitchen”. The project would be a 15 second animation and it was important to evoke a satisfied feeling. Another challenge in this project was that there was no voice over. It was all about creating a world around the shakes, with two to three of their new summer flavors.


Ilse Meijer


Illustration for Motion




I started by making a small mindmap of things that made me think of Grandma’s Kitchen. Remembering one of my own grandmothers. Thinking about protein shakes, the product of this ad, which ended up in hiking, which is something that I have good memories of. So I decided to go with this direction for my own project.


After mindmapping it was time to take this idea of hiking and bring it into a storyboard. Since we really had to push feeling in this project, I ended up bringing the satisfaction of hiking into it. A character walking to the edge of a cliff, taking in her surroundings and enjoying her time in nature.



As you will see in the final result, the first frame was changed to show the whole character as an establishing shot for the animation.

Final result

Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

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